Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Grandma finally got some pictures developed off her camera and I thought I'd share a few, while I wait for my ride to the grocery store :) Great Grandma was very surprised to see us last weekend. We had a nice visit. Ella was just a little goofy at picture taking time.

The lovely lady at Mapleside (table beside us) took this picture of our table display at Taste of the Valley. That's Colin's mom beside me. She was our cash lady and did a great job considering she had her knee replaced not so long ago.

And here's a really old one. This is from our 'Not Back to School' picnic. Ella had so much fun on the splash pad and looked adorable in her slip and bloomers. I didn't think it would be hot enough, but it did get so hot.


Anonymous said...

How it seems the warmth of summer just so quickly upt and left this year! Three year olds are allowed a silly moment or two. Cool thing about digital photog is that if I feel I need a litle summer, I just look at the pics on my comutper from July! Last night we were reminiscing last winter and the many days of snow, in a way dreaming of a similar event this year. Oh, I feel a blog entry coming on...

Paula said...

Definitely not summer here today. It is very chilly, inside and out. Our grain stove isn't working properly, it's smoking up the house. Colin has it shut off because he's too busy to look at it right now. We can't put the oil furnace on because the tank is empty (again Daddy's too busy to fill right now). And I have windows open trying to get rid of the smoke. I will have to put on a space heater if it get's much cooler in here.

I really like the picture of Ella at the splash pad. So happy.