Thursday, October 1, 2009


Ella had a good day yesterday playing house. In the afternoon I was Ella and she was Momma. She put me to bed so I pulled out every trick she tries. I cried for a drink, a snack, wind my flashlight, bats on the blind (never happens for real), bugs in my bed (ditto) and all the crazy things she tells me while she's supposed to be sleeping. Well, it just goes to show they really do listen, Ella shushed me and gave me all the responses I usually give her. It was so cute.

Before supper, Ella got a couple of her babies set up at the table and made them supper. You can see Lily here in Ella's chair. After supper Ella helped by drying the plastic things. We don't use plastic kid dishes, I expect Ella to learn how to treat dishes properly so there isn't too much she can dry yet. But that's ok, her attention span on drying isn't that long some days.

The days have definitely turned to fall. My favourite season. Colin fixed up the corn stove and now we are toasty -well, not really toasty but at least we're not cold and damp. I just wish the corn stove didn't put so much smoke into the house when Colin cleans it (to be fair, he does clean it with it still running).

Today has been a slow day, just can't seem to get moving and would love nothing better than to crawl back into bed :) I did have a shower this morning and I currently have a batch of bread on the rise. Has anyone else noticed that bread rises better on a sunny day than the dismal one we have today?


Anonymous said...

Yep, it rises better on warmer, less humid days. We've had to use the fireplace every morning this week, it doesn't smoke when it's cleaned out, there might be black smudge or two on the hearth though. It just takes a while for the heat to get out into the house, being that it's a regular brick box fireplace. Our house is so cold in the AM, I have to wait til the afternoon to make the bread. You employed role reversal, eh? Good job! Working alongside her Momma that's the best place to learn from.

We had drab and dreary weather today also, now it's getting kind of cold too - Autumn sure came quick this year.

I have to say sometimes the security words just crack me up - here you were talking about corn, my word is "ochancob" it almost sounds like something real!

Vera said...

Very sweet blog....
i wish i could still do roll play with my daughter...............

Paula said...

If they weren't so expensive, we'd get a corn furnace and then there wouldn't be the dust problems. It just aggravates my cough.

Kimberly, I get a kick out of the security words all the time. It's like they know what we're talking about. Have you tried heating your oven a bit, then shutting it off and putting the bread in there to rise? That's how I do it because our house is never warm enough for bread in the winter (protects from drafts too).