Monday, September 28, 2009

Rural Ramble in Renfrew County

What a busy weekend! Colin and I are so exhausted, but we had a great time. The Ottawa Valley Food Co-op had a site on the Rural Ramble, a few of the online vendors came out. We had decent sales and made lots of great connections. Saturday, we couldn't have ordered a better day. It was sunny and warm, without being too hot. Good sized crowds too. Miss Ella came out for a brief visit too. She was having a weekend at Grandma's and loving it. Ella's not the sit and be quiet all day kind of child, so I don't even try to do things like this with her. Ella and Grandma love having time together anyway.

Colin did a wonderful job decorating our area. Everything came from our farm. We had the nicest tent :) How do you like his pumpkin? Colin comes up with such great ideas. I don't even try to do them any more. We now sell "pumpkin teeth", they are pretty neat and glow in the dark. They were quite popular this weekend.

On a homeschool note, seeing the kids out and about this weekend and I have no worries about "socialization". Man, public school kids are little brats! We even had one that was trying to gouge out the eyes of our pumpkin. Meanwhile, my little pumpkin just ran around visiting the other vendors, chatting and being wonderful.

Sunday started out rather dismal. When we arrived at 9:30 (10:00 start) and didn't even unpack the pork. We really thought we would just pack up and go home. A few adventurous souls came out so we set up again. By noon it was starting to 'clear' (as in stop rain, not sun) and we had a half decent turnout, especially since it kept 'showering' off and on all day.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable day. I like talking with people about our farm and our life and dispelling a lot of the misconceptions out there. Especially about pork production.


Anonymous said...

I like his pumpkin, those jaggedy teeth glow in the dark? The weather sure can be fickle, nice one day - really crummy the next!

It's a good idea to leave Ella w/ a grandma for an all day thing like you were at - it's just good to maintain some order in their lives, like you said on the menu, I think we crave routine also.

When I've seen children misbehave out at an event like that, I always look at the parents - after a minute of observation it's usually pretty clear that they practice, child driven parenting. Keep up the good work in training Ella.

Paula said...

Oh I know what you mean. Most of the parents didn't say anything to their kids for playing with our displays. I don't like to take Ella anywhere there will be crowds, unless I'm able to keep her in hand (literally). I worry someone will walk off with her if I'm not looking.

Niki RuralWritings said...

your tent looks great! I love heritage favourite is the cinderella pumpkin. Next year we will try out a few new you save the seed from your pumpkins?

Glad the weekend went well and the time was worthwhile.

little Ella is prettier in every pic you post...I love babysitting our Henry...nothing like gramma time :)

Paula said...

Thanks Niki, Colin really does do a wonderful job. Colin hand pollinated and then bagged up a couple of each variety to save the seeds. We have a gorgeous, big, perfectly shaped Cinderella to keep for ourselves. The blue ones are really neat, some look like marble.

I'm not sure where Ella gets her looks from. She is such a joy. Ella loves Grandma time.