Saturday, September 12, 2009

Much Better Now

Have I told you guys about "Knit Night"? Some of the homeschool girls get together (with others) at the library on Thursday nights, they sit and knit and chat. I've been invited to join and have met some lovely ladies. Well we had a really good chat on Thursday, and I feel so much better now (that and lots of prayer of course). Colin is going to come with me to the RNP and if these tests are just "being thorough" and for no good reason, he will get them stopped. He's much more forceful with the 'doctors' than I am.

This is what late summer/early fall looks like in my neighbourhood. We'll be fogged in until nearly noon. This is our "front" yard. What you can't see is the train tracks just on the edge of the fog, then the 50 acre field, then the Trans Canada Highway, then the 200 acres or so, and finally the line of trees at the back of the next "concession" road. I'll try to remember to take the same picture later today.

Renfrew Fair started on Thursday. Ella is patiently, well kind of, waiting for this afternoon to arrive. Daddy is taking us to the fair. He wants to go before the crowds get busy, people just don't look where they are walking and Ella's not that pleased with crowds. Grandma is coming too and she'll take Miss Ella home later. Daddy and I will stay to watch the livestock auction, he likes to see how his pigs (shown by Kurtis) do.

And here's what our yard looks now, it's 12:01pm and we can see all the way to the horizon. Of course, my little pumpkin wanted to be in the picture too.


Anonymous said...

I kind of like a little fog, it brings a coolness to the air - I don't like driving in it though, I like to see where I'm going. And it sure cuts down on your view! I'm glad you are getting out and making some friends, that's pretty fun. My children like your Autumn tree, is that to sell the pumpkins or display them for you guys? I have a pumpkin question, at what coloring do you cut the pumpkins from the vine? We have one that's nearly orange and one that's still a pretty dark green, I guess it doesn't get as much sunlight as the other one, (two different locations). Emmalie had a pretty hot first half of the night, she will take a tylenol, I don't always take their temp, inher case we did, she was up to 102.4, (12:30a) that was with a tylenol in her system - we gave her one more and by 3a she was down to 99.7; we just have to let it run its course, this am she is fairly congested, ususally that means the fever is almost done.

Paula said...

We get really bad fog in the spring and the fall. I think it has to do with the lake and the river. I try to stay home on those days.

The pumpkin tree is over at the MIL's to draw people into the farm stand. That way they don't think we just have corn. It's Daddy's first year making the tree -I saw it on Martha. I think it turned our really well. Colin cuts the pumpkins when they are whatever colour they are supposed to be (orange, white, blue ...). I don't think the "ripen" off the vine like tomatoes.

Hope the girls are feeling better soon.