Sunday, September 13, 2009

Beautiful Weekend

I'm a bad "bloggy Mommy", I forgot to take my camera to the fair last night! And I missed out on some really great picture moments. Ella had a really good time. We even had the best weather ever for Renfrew Fair, it is usually cool and damp. There were two rides that she could go on all by herself -made her feel like a big girl. She even took Daddy on a couple rides. It just melts my heart seeing Daddy do stuff with Ella :)

We had another beautiful day today. Daddy and Ella decided to try out her kite. She had lots of fun, even though the kite didn't last long. We're going to count the money in Ella's "money pig" and see if there is enough to go buy a decent kite. Our local ice cream store has a great selection, and put them on sale at the end of last year, so hopefully they are on sale again.

And this is our "I don't want a picture Mommy" face. Still cute.


Niki RuralWritings said...

Love the sun glasses both look so cute :)

Isn't it wonderful seeing things through the eyes of a small child?
I'm sure the fair was so much fun with Ella

Have a wonderful week

Paula said...

Thanks, I like that one too. Just wish Ella would quit making her "cheese" face :)