Monday, August 3, 2009

Menu Plan Monday -3 August 09

Another Monday and back at the laundry. I have a surprise for Saturday. Not too much planned this week. I may try a couple new recipes. Really love Mennonite Girls Can Cook

roast beef sandwiches or meat pierishkies -depending on how my day goes

spaghetti and meatballs


ribs -haven't decided on a recipe yet



French toast


crescent dogs


Ella and I (probably not Colin) are off to my dad's for his annual corn roast. Hopefully he will not drink too much and make too much of a fool out of himself.

peanut butter and honey

leftover hamburgers

??? -we likely won't be home in time for lunch, will leave Daddy to fend for himself

pork chops

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shopannies said...

sounds like a great menu

Paula said...

thanks, I was trying to keep groceries cheap, so I used a lot of stuff that was in the freezer and no fancy dishes. Once the weather cools off I'll feel more like cooking.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you on the weather cooling and desiring to cook. My poor family has had haphazzard meals during this hot spell! It's a pain when even a sandwich becomes difficult to make because the ingredients heat up quickly! "They" say that we are going to be cooling back to "normal" (70-75) finally! And now I can think about cooking and baking again, my children are begging for cookies and I really need to be back to making our bread. The final "and" is and back to meal planning again!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I forgot I think we call crescent dogs, snuggly dogs, do you make your own wrap?

Paula said...

I've heard them called pigs in a blanket too. We call them crescent dogs because we use the Pillsbury crescent rolls. I have a recipe out of "Sneaky Chef" but haven't tried it yet. Maybe this fall.

I know we haven't had much heat this summer, we've been lucky (as far as my comfort is concerned). But it doesn't take too much heat/humidity to turn my appetite off and makes it hard to cook when I'm not hungry. The heat wouldn't be so bad if we didn't get the crazy humidity too. My lungs/asthma doesn't like to have to wring the water out of the air to breathe it :)