Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More Farming News

Finally some sunshine. We have had such a cold, wet spring. Colin and Dad were finally able to get all the wheat and corn in. Though the dandelions seem to be doing better than the wheat right now :) They have about 50% of the soy beans in. Colin is heading up the highway to try putting in more this afternoon. We sure need some more sunshine, everything is yellow. Colin is worried about how many tomatoes and pumpkins he's lost. About the only thing looking good is the garlic. We've got about 78 heads growing. We will likely save most for seed this year and sell next. The black plastic behind Ella is where Colin will be planting his cucumbers and/or squash. He loves to plant on plastic, weeds are nil, watering never and makes the ground so nice underneath. The straw behind that is our potato patch, hopefully they haven't rotted in all this rain. Behind Ella is some wheat and then Daddy's pumpkin patch. There's not too much to take pictures of right now, everything is behind. The sweet corn is through the ground and looking ok, yellow, but ok.

Finally got Ella's baking apron finished. This is a really nice pattern. It is from Sense and Sensibility -I just love their stuff. It's the girl's Edwardian apron and it looks just like the ladies one. This style fits the both of us so nicely. This style has become my "only" apron pattern for me. It's comfy, flattering, and covers my dresses -I'm a hand wiper so I need the sides covered too -ha ha. It even has big pockets :) It's really great that Sense and Sensibility has "epatterns" now. Not only is it helpful if you have no time and need the pattern right away, it's also great for me since I don't have to pay postage from the States. Sometimes postage costs nearly as much as the items I order. With "epatterns" I just get my sister to download it (she has high speed) and print the pattern. She can then send it via regular mail for about $2. One thing I will mention, if anyone orders an "epattern": tape the whole pattern together before cutting out ANYTHING. You need the straight edges to make sure the pattern lines up easily.


Anonymous said...

Well that little Ella just is so cute! I looked up that pattern, I liked it too, the girls love stuff like that because then they get to be like the American Girl dolls, I like how the apron covers everything, except the sleevee those always end up with whatever we are baking on them, especially when used as a napkin!

Sounds like we need to pray for warmth for you, I'm sure all the farmers here are happy campers, it's been so nice for a couple weeks now, yesterday, today it was up around 90 and it's supposed to be like that tomorrow too. It's like we went from 0-60 in 3 seconds! The children have been enjoying the sprinkler, believe me, you know its hot here when they can go in and not be freezing as soon as they hit the water, we normally don't have weather like this until the end of July! Hang in there, this warm air needs to go off somewhere and east is usually where it goes.

Paula said...

Did you notice that S&S has American Girl sized patterns to match the girls' ones? Her patterns are so nice (heavy paper too) and if you run into a problem, email her and she'll help. Don't get that kind of service from Simplicity :)

Definitely need some warmth and no rain for at least a week. It's not good for seeds to sit in the cold, wet earth. Colin wants in the pool, he was hoping for end of April and now he hasn't even made it in in May.