Monday, June 8, 2009

Menu Planning Mondays

My internet friend Niki posted for Menu Planning Monday and reminded me of the great site, I'm an Organizing Junkie. Ever since marrying Colin I've always made menus. I've never understood how Mom could shop for a week's groceries and not know what she's going to make. I shop every two weeks so I really need to know what we're having. I try to make my grocery money go as far as possible. I don't have much store choice. I shop at Walmart (now a super centre) and No Frills (a Loblaws store). I check my fliers for any upcoming sales and get the odd coupon from Save.Ca. I envy the ladies in the States that have so many stores and reward programs to use. Obviously, my pork comes from the barn :) whole chickens we bought from a neighbour, pieces are bought from No Frills when on sale, beef we sometimes trade for with the guys on OVF or I get it from the butcher who buys our pork, occasionally I even buy some from Walmart -they claim it's Canadian now. I love to cook supper, but I HATE dinner/lunch. I don't much like eating lunch-type foods and can never think of what to make. I'd rather just skip the whole meal :)

Here's this week's menu:

Sunday: Church picnic and potluck

leftover roast chicken, baked stuffed potatoes and corn with leftover garlic bubble bread

Monday: picnic with Daddy in the soybean field -chicken sandwiches, salad, potato chips and
sugar cookies

Chicken Casserole and green beans

Tuesday: Daddy has lunch with his folks, we get a treat at McDonald's for driving Grandma home from her eye appointment

Pre-made souvlaki (chicken I think), rice, Greek salad

Wednesday: Pizza -tomatoes and onions on my side, meat on the other :)

Meat pie -leftover roast beef from last week

Thursday: update - Macaroni and cheese

sold out of ribs on OVF, so we had leftover chicken casserole and mixed vegetables

Pizza -yes my pan is big enough to feed us two days

Tuna casserole (new recipe), vegetable of some sorts

Saturday: French toast -Ella's favourite -no recipe needed, just beat eggs (one for everyone plus one) with enough milk to make the custard. Dip in bread and fry (with lots of butter if you want it yummy or on non-stick pan if you are being good)

steak, potatoes and corn

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Niki RuralWritings said...

Your menu looks delicious! I, too, suffer from American coupon envy....
Have a blessed day