Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Recipe Notes

Just thought I should share a few basic assumptions for my recipes.

flour is all-purpose, unbleached white, unless otherwise noted

chocolate chips are semi-sweet

t means teaspoon

T means tablespoon

c means cup

liquids are measured in glass measuring cups and dry in metal measuring cups

If I think of anything else or if a recipe puzzles you, please let me know and I'll explain it here.


Anonymous said...

I had a business meeting on Saturday morning myself, which ran long and interfered with our Saturday plans a little. Look at it this way, with Ella away, your day was a "date" day, just not dreamy! (we take "dates" to the grocery store!)
I want to see your farm, but the link didn't work, probably my computer, it's been doing weird things this week.
The choc. chip cookies were amazing, notice the past tense! They did freeze well and thaw well too. Thank you for sharing that recipe, it is one I will definately be making again and again!

Anonymous said...

I figured it out and found your farm! As cute as the little piggies are, we do enjoy pork, especially that which was carefully raised. You watch out, you'll be calling Ella "fern" someday when she names a little "wilbur"!

Paula said...

Glad you enjoyed the cookies. I hate to admit how fast this last bunch disappeared.

Colin is not allowed to go grocery shopping with me EVER. When I used to take him, he didn't know whether to faint or explode every time he went near the meat counter :) I had to chuckle when you said your dates were at the grocery store. When we were dating, Colin and I would take "romantic" walks through the fields -groundhog hunting :0 Ah, the romance of farming life.

Glad the link worked. The piggies don't stay cute for long. That makes eating the pork easier. I stay out of the barn and Colin doesn't name them. I plan on keeping Ella out of the barn for the most part. A pig barn really isn't a place for a lady (and that's not being sexist) I'd rather see her help Daddy doing the field work or the market garden. My mom's family have bad lungs and I don't want to take the chance with Ella's. One of us with asthma is enough. Though when she gets older, we may let her raise a pig herself for the fall fair in Renfrew. She can make good money with that.