Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Just some ramblings today. It's much nicer than for a long time, about 48F. That makes for a wet and sloppy day for Daddy. It also means my least favourite season is just around the corner -mud season! As soon as the snow starts to melt, the mud starts and it continues until well into the summer when the yard finally dries up. Needless to say I'm constantly chasing dirt around the house. Though, warmer weather means I can start hanging the laundry outside, but it will be a while before I can start that.

I made some oatmeal bread today. I thought I had some pictures, but when I went to upload the camera they weren't there. I like to make oatmeal bread sometimes, makes me feel less guilty for using white flour. That's my goal for the spring, get us used to eating more whole grains. We're just not big brown bread people. I use the recipe in The Amish Cook. It always turns out well, I find recipes that call for molasses have too strong a molasses flavour. I don't know what size bread pans Elizabeth used, but I can get twice as many loaves as the recipes call for.
I was back at the laundry again today and was thinking. How on earth does "Kate" have 5 loads to wash every day. I watch "Jon & Kate Plus 8" every once in a while (she drive Colin crazy) and the other day she said she has 5 loads of laundry to do everyday or she gets behind. What does she do, change those kids clothes every couple hours??? Jon has a white-collar job, not like he gets too dirty. I know she has 3 times the people in her house but they can't make that much laundry.

I finally finished (almost) a dress that I was commissioned to make. It's a recreation of a family dress so I sure hope they like it. It's yellow, which is hard to choose when I have never seen the original. I still have to hem it and tweak the buttonholes. I think it turned out well. Doesn't hurt that I have such a beautiful model :)

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PS - I just looked at the Sonlight Curr. you were talking of; I had never heard of it, it is different than what we've used at church. I ordered a catalogue though. It looks expensive!!