Friday, February 6, 2009

More Cookies

I'm making cookies again. No, Colin hasn't eaten all the chocolate chip ones, these are more for Momma and Ella. These are my favourite sugar cookies. I make them whenever I have some extra sour cream. They puff up as they cook and are more cakey than most cookies. If you are looking for a crisper sugar cookie, try Tasha Tudor's in her Christmas book "Take Joy", it's a nice big recipe too.

Sugar Cookies

3 cup white sugar 1 cup margarine/butter
5 eggs 7 cups flour
2 tsp cream of tartar 1 cup sour cream
2 tsp baking soda

Cream together sugar and margarine. Beat in eggs. Separately, mix flour and cream of tartar. Dissolve baking soda in sour cream. Add the dry ingredients to the sugar mixture, alternately with the sour cream. Refrigerate overnight. Roll out 3/8 to 1/2 inch thick, cut as desired. Bake on lined cookie sheets 400F for 10 minutes. Makes about 15 doz, depending on cutter size.

If you have peanut butter lovers try this one. It's peanut butter cookies with chocolate ganauche in the middle. I've seen other recipes like it but they cheat and use Kisses. I think these taste better. It is out of this book Rose's Christmas Cookies this is my "bible" when it comes to great cookies, for Christmas or anytime.


Anonymous said...

You've definately fallen over the cookie baking edge!!! Love the mittens. Perfect for this winter -we woke to more snow this AM! It is much easier for us to enjoy though as it warms up over freezing and melts some during the day. My children are complaining that we have no "snacks", meaning the cookie supply has run out. I am going to give your recipes a try, not only for home, but we are the cookie people for the coffee hour at church this coming Sunday!

Paula said...

They freeze well and thaw in no time.

No snow today but freezing rain, I don't think there is a school bus running anywhere in Eastern Ontario.

I have to make cake someday soon too or else Daddy will be "starving" after supper :) He's lucky to have the metabolism of a hummingbird.

Did you ever use the Sonlight cirriculum?

Anonymous said...

For school? For school I've Used curriculum from Christian Light (I just received mail from them today!) and mostly Rod & Staff, the preschool materials are phenominal; our youngest started the materials during age 3 and was reading during her 4th year.

We've used Sonlight for VBS at church.

Paula said...

May I ask a personal question? What do you hope for your kids? I mean, do you intend for them to go to university/college? I'm just wondering because I want to make sure I don't limit Ella's future. She may have to make a living before meeting her Knight in Shining Armour, just like I did and I want her to have the ability to do more than waitress. I'm not really thinking of starting anything too formal with her right now, I've got some good work/play books from the Dollar Store to start with. That and mom kept just about every book I've ever owned, so we'll start working our way through those.
How did you light the Sonlight program? I like that it's very literature/book based. Curriculum is so expensive I don't want to make a mistake :)

Anonymous said...

Go online to and order a homeschool materials catalogue; then call Rod and Staff at 1-606-522-4348; (Kentucky, not sure if you need a country code, but you might know that). From Rod and Staff, request a catalogue, then have only one, which has all the items that they publish/sell. Also request a sample of Grade 1 Curriculum. It is a great book of a little of each piece of their curriculum, but it will also give you an idea of a well rounded curric.
Our hope for our children, is that the grow into independent adults who love and live for Jesus Christ! As they are growing we are watching as to guide them into the upper educational tools that they would need to have the career that best suits them. For all, we request that they complete 45 college credits, and that is simply so that they may homeschool their children in this state. Our oldest, Nicole has done that. While she was serving at Bible Camp this summer, she prayed and came to the conclusion that upper education was not for her, so she is working as a barista, and volunteering alot within our church. She decided that, yes, while waiting for Prince Charming she might need income, that it didn't need to be a career. (A young man whom we've known for most of his growing years is courting her...) Our philosophy is rather archaic to most, although you may agree, for our girls, home training is really important, an outside job might be needed. For the boys, home training is important, too, BUT, they will need a good paying job in order to support a wife and family. That's our hopes, that was just a fine thing for you to ask. Please do ask more questions about homeschooling.

Paula said...

Thanks for the catalogue suggestions. The US is just straight dialing, it's the time zones that always used to catch me when I worked -I'd call "late" in the morning and get no answer because it was still "too" early :)

I so worry about making sure Ella is raised as a good Christian. That's one of my reasons for keeping her home. It's crazy in school's these days. Some schools are actually cancelling Christmas concerts, others call them "Winter Concerts", but they sure seem to go overboard for the Devil's holiday! Even the Catholic schools seem to be getting too liberal.

I appreciate your honest answers, I wasn't trying to be impertinent, I was just wondering because a lot of the blogs I read seem to forget that we sometimes need to support ourselves in the real world before Mr. Right comes along or heaven forbid you lose him. Gee, you have to have college there to homeschool? We are very lucky in Ontario, anyone can homeschool and you don't have to report anything to anyone. I just never send Ella. It's so wonderful that you oldest has found a young man that you are able to know so well. I wish we went to a church with more young people. A courtship is what I want for Ella too. I want to protect her from the "dating scene" -we all know what goes on there! I don't talk much about my dreams for Ella with other people, they just don't get it. When I was in HS, I would have been more than happy to have met Colin and got married ASAP and start having babies; unfortunately I had to wait till I was 32. I would love for Ella to find love early. If not, I would love to see her become a vet. That way it's a fairly feminine profession (caring for animals) and we are always short of vets out here. So she wouldn't feel the pull of the city for her career and she could be near/at home. What ever she decides I'm certainly not pushing her out of the house. If I have my way, she'll be here with her Momma and Daddy until her husband comes to take her to her home.