Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Survived!!!!

"I spent so many nights/thinking how you did me wrong/ I grew strong/I learned how to carry on"... "I will survive/as long as I know how to love I know I will stay alive/I've got all my life to live/I've got all my love to give/and I'll survive/I will survive"

Actually we had a fabulous weekend, lack of sleep due to Ella's bad cold notwithstanding. My Grandma had a really bad cold too and was miserable -at least I don't have to feel guilty for taking Ella when sick. We had a really nice time at the birthday party. As usual Ella played with the kids as if she saw them all the time. It amazes me how she gets along with near strangers. She sure doesn't get that from me. I am soooo shy. "How shy am I?" -I'm so shy I haven't called my newish neighbour and invited her to "tea". I've met her husband, they homeschool, and have a bunch of kids, just the kind of friend I need. But I can't work up the courage to pick up the phone and call. Would it be too weird if I sent a real invitation?
Meanwhile, back to the weekend. My perm turned out beautifully. It always does, that's why no one but Jane touches my hair with chemicals. Colin was really surprised and loves it. Ella's so adorable, when she saw it she says "Mommy your hair so pretty" :) It's amazing how it doubles the thickness of my hair -I love it.

I now have a new favourite wool store. The new one in Bowmanville has such beautiful wool. Sock size too, so many stores seem adverse to carrying the thinner wools. I have such a hard time finding nice 3plys. I bought a couple balls. I could spend a lot more, if I had it.

. We hit a few stores in Oshawa that we just don't have around here. Went to Chapters and was disappointed, they had nothing in store that I was looking for. Their children's books seemed very expensive. That's why I usually order from Amazon! We went to Fabricland too. Jane has asked me to make her new granddaughter (not here yet) a coat and hat like Ella's. I was lucky and was able to find just the colour baby cord that she wanted. 75% off doesn't hurt any either.

The visit with dad went well. Ella's so adorable how could anyone not love her? :) I think dad might have actually decided to grow up this time. We'll have to see. It's up to him now. I told him they would have to come up here next time because I don't know when I'll be back down.


Anonymous said...

Oh I wish for the time I used to have to sew beautiful things for my little girls! Now it's make the quick jumper before it gets outgrown on the sewing table! Right now I am knitting a baby sweater for our youth pastor's new little one due in April. The shower is in March, I've never knitted such a project, I am amazed at how easily I've taken to it and I love it! I'm really glad that your weekend went well, even with a babe with bad cold and with your Dad too. I was praying for you that it would just be pleasant.

Paula said...

I guess that's where I am lucky to just have one little princess. I have more time for fancy, though I do admit I have a couple outfits cut out that I'm not sure will fit any more. I'm bad, the plain stuff sometimes get set aside for the nicer stuff that I enjoy making. They won't go to waste though, Colin's best friend and his wife have a little girl who just turned one. I send them all of Ella's nice clothes. They are expecting in August, so I get to do some baby sewing/knitting too. I love to knit baby things. When I was young and single I often knit baby things when I was bored with larger projects. I just wish I had saved a few more things for myself, but I had given up on ever finding anyone.

The visit went well. I figured it would. That's how dad works, he's mr. sociable at first/to your face. That's why I'm going to wait and see what he says to my sister and if he ever bothers to contact us again.