Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I found another stop to add to our weekend. My friend Petra, who's B&B we stay at when we're home, told me about a new wool store in Bowmanville. Hurray!!! Yeah, I know, like I need more wool. But you know what they say "she who dies with the most wool/material wins" :) Actually, I've been working through both of my stashes.

I'm going to be doing my bit for the economy this weekend. Speaking of the economy, I sometimes feel like the media is deliberately trying to turn this downturn into a recession/depression and won't be happy until they do. I know there are people out there that have lost their jobs and are really in a bad place -no irate emails please. But I'm talking in a more general sense. Check out this website. It's called Living on a Dime and is full of great information on living well , frugally. Tawra often makes very eye-opening observations (especially Feb 17), especially when people/media start comparing today with the Great Depression.

That said, I do agree it's time to reign in society's out of control spending. But more importantly, we have to stop supporting China, India, Vietnam, etc's economies and support our own. We need to "just say no" to imported junk and get North American manufacturing going again. I know this won't be popular, but I really think unions have outgrown their usefulness. They expect unrealistic wages and benefits, while protecting worker jobs whether they actually do their work or not. It's not the early 1900's when workers were abused/misused and even endangered. We have labour laws that can protect workers. There are still dangerous jobs still, but most of those aren't unionized anyway. I also think all governement employees, the big people (mayors, MPs, councillors, etc) should take a giant paycut -like in half. The money they get paid and the perks they get are absolutley ridiculous.

Guess I'll get off my soapbox now :) It's just frustrating to see what auto guys get paid for doing jobs that allow the to read/play cards for most of the day -I know what I'm talking about I have friends and family in that industry. I'm not saying I want everyone to be poor, but it's hard to hear about all the raises/bonuses, etc paid when farmers dream of making minimum wage!


SquishyCuteStuff said...

You know, I totally agree! The media feeds on the viewers fear (and it gets them ratings), but I think in the long-term that fear just makes the recession worse. It is stupid, and they obviously don't care.

Paula said...

The media were crazy at Christmas -"worse year ever", no one buying presents, stores closing all over

When really, when they TALKED to the "man on the street" most of them said they were spending as much as ever AND buying themselves a giant tv -because the sales were good. I don't know anyone (besides us) that cut down on the money spent for Christmas.

It's the same with all the Depression talk. Most people are getting by ok, maybe cutting back. It's the tv that is always going on about how were in another depression. I really think they should watch "The Grapes of Wrath", then they's see what a depression looks like. I heard a good comment on Martha the other day, the economist type guy was making the same kind of point I'm trying to here. He said that in the great depression people "lined up for soup kitchens, not the latest Ipod [or video game]" -the brackets are mine.

I pray to God that it never gets as bad as the Depression again. NA has changed too much, there would be anarchy in the streets and we all know where the mobs would come first after the food ran out in the grocery stores! We've become a country that can't feed itself and become too dependent on importing our food.

Anonymous said...

I so agree with you! I don't watch TV and I've changed my email, using a program like Outlook so I don't have to go to the providers propaganda page, it is just my emails. The media is so completely biased.Yep, we need to buy NA products! I have a big issue when I call a company and get a person on the other end that is so not sitting at a desk somewhere in N.A. - and they give those folks common "english" names like John or Mary; to help with the illusion. Ugh! One of the main reasons I signed on as a Longaberger home consultant is the commitment to made in America (I only wish they would've said US; as Canada is in America too), there is a lot of unemployment in the Ohio/West Virginia areas and if a company is going to make a commitment to finding ways to employ those in there area, they definately get my business. And living in a "border" state there is so much interconnection with our northern neighbors. If you are in Peace Arch Park up in Blaine, it is a sort of no mans land, neighbors share fences and one is in the US and the other in Canada.
The other thing about the media is that we here in this house have always lived frugally. I feel like a trend setter; as the rest of the world is just waking up to the fact that life goes on without a lot of stuff and that stores have created the idea that a "want" is a "need". My hope is that there is change in the way folks look at 'stuff' and change their attitudes about the subject. That is what will change the way that those corporations do business! OK end of my rant!!