Wednesday, August 9, 2017


I just realized I didn't share any pictures from our trip to Rice Lake.

The master fisherman with her first Blue Gill Sun Fish.

Mr. Fish number two.

This cool fellow was flying around the boat and then perched in the tree beside us for the longest time.  He was totally undisturbed by us.  BUT when the osprey landed on a nearby tree he decided to move along.

Sunday was such a nice day we decided to head over to La Belle Provence and visit the Chutes Coulonge.  Growing up on Canadian tv there used to be short 'commercials' that celebrated being Canadian.  On of my favourites was 

Log Driver's Waltz

Living just outside of Toronto this was just a fun cartoon/song, but now that I'm up here in the Ottawa Valley it's a tangible part of OUR history.  There's still lots of logging, it just doesn't flow down the river any more.

The pointer boat looks big until you imagine it out in the river, going over the rapids, surrounded by all those giant logs.

Bright and sunny with no humidity.  Ella thought it was chilly, but I was happy just in my dress.

The bottom end of the log slide:

This is the other side where the water flows free:

The Chutes also has a number of zip lines for the brave and adventurous:

It always amazes me how trees will grow just about any where.

There was a cool obstacle course that Ella enjoyed.

We headed into Fort-Coulonge for lunch and checked out their covered bridge.

Ella was ready to head home and stop taking pictures.

The Ottawa River

The Laurentian Mountains

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