Monday, April 24, 2017

Menu Plan Monday -24 April 2017

What a beautiful spring morning!  We’ve actually had nearly a week of non-rain (though not always sunny).  I think we can almost see a bit of the water going down.  It’s still going to be a while before that land is crop-able.  Colin may have to alter his plans and put in some soy beans in the acres currently under water.
Not too much on the schedule this week.  Though we do have Grandma’s birthday on Thursday (though we’re having her ‘party’ Friday evening).  The tree guy is coming this morning to take down some big branches around the house.  It will be sad to lose the shade, but it would be sadder to lose the house because the tree fell on it or ripped out the hydro lines and burnt the house down.  We had to have the big bass wood tree in front of the house taken down a month or so ago.  Wow, do we ever notice the difference in the living room.  We’ll need to find some fast-growing replacements.
Chip Pit  🙂
leftover honey garlic chicken wings
Caesar salad
Mc D’s because we need to be to Renfrew a bit early
Thursday:  Grandma’s birthday!!
honey mustard glazed chicken
leftover pizza
Grandma wants chicken and dressing, but we just had a whole chicken a while ago and I really don’t want to do another 7lb chicken right now.  I’m going to try baking chicken pieces (probably quarters) on top of dressing and see how that works.
leftover honey mustard chicken
beef stew (Make-a-Mix book)
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