Monday, April 10, 2017

Menu Plan Monday -10 April 2017

Busy week.  My friend Maureen is coming on Wednesday for Ella’s photo shoot.  I need to get the house tidied up because she might want some inside shoots too.  I also need to get our Lenten garden set up, I’m so far behind this year.  I also need to snag the truck one of these days to run out to the butcher shop for a smoked ham.  Good news, my elbow is feeling so much better.  Still a bit sore, but I can knit again and I’m not afraid to pick up anything (within reason).  Sure wish I knew what I did -so I can not do it again!
hot chicken sandwiches
chicken Caesar salad
slow cooker enchiladas
?? -Ella and I have to go to Renfrew early for Guide stuff, Daddy can find his own supper
tomato soup
chicken pot pie
Friday:  Good Friday
leftover enchiladas
pizza roll-ups
breaded pork chops
Sunday:  Easter!!
smoked ham and all the ‘fixins’
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