Monday, March 6, 2017

Menu Plan Monday -6 March 2017

Looks like a miserable day in Renfrew County -well not for the school kids.  Supposed to be freezing rain all day so buses are cancelled.  Skating will likely be cancelled too (by me or the club), especially since I do the driving on Monday and I hate driving in any kind of bad weather.
Bit of a quiet week, Ella’s done swimming till after March break and Guides is cancelled because my other leader is away. If skating is cancelled today too, then we’ve only got one outing this week.  Maybe I should set up a play date with her friends in Arnprior.  I wish my friend Teresa lived a little closer to Arnprior, then I could drop Ella off and head over to Teresa’s.  I miss seeing her every week since she moved from Douglas.  But she’s in such a much better place I have to be happy.
Well, what’s cooking this week?  Oh yeah, to be honest I chickened out of making the cauliflower chicken chili last week.  I didn’t think any one would even try it and I didn’t feel like making 2 meals.  Maybe next time.
leftover chicken
honey mustard chicken  -I used honey mustard instead of the Dijon because that’s what was in the fridge
beef stew
Thursday:  Colin’s Birthday
mac & cheese
tenderloin and French fries
leftover stew
Salisbury steak (new from More Don’t Panic Dinner is in the Freezer)
breaded pork chops
What’s cooking at I’m an Organizing Junkie?

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