Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Yarn Along -15 February 2017

A few things to share this week for Yarn Along.  First I'm happy to say our new neighbour came over to help Colin again with shoveling the barn roofs.  He is so tired this week with all the snow moving and fighting off a cold (I'm losing that battle -blech).
Last month for my A&S meeting with the SCA group I needed a project.  I needed something to last all day, that would look impressive enough, but wouldn't take a massive amount of concentration so I could chat too.  So I started some petticoat lace.
The pattern is called Esquivel Lace and is from the book The Lacy Knitting of Mary Schiffmann (so much lace so little time).  It is based on a bobbin lace example from 1842.  It's  very easy pattern to remember.  I need about 3 yds.
I have a friend who is obsessed with gnomes.  I happened upon a pattern for gnome mittens so of course I shared it with her.  No surprise, she loved them.  But she's a newer knitter and doesn't feel confident to do fair isle.  She is also an amazing photographer.  Remember when I won the free photo shoot?  Maureen is the one who did all the fabulous pictures.
I wanted to get some new pictures done of Ella but as usual cash is hard to find some days.  Luckily, Maureen loves to trade.  So I'm making her some gnome mittens and she's going to take pictures of my beautiful girl.
I also finally got a picture of Ella wearing her new scarf, though not outside because she 'didn't need it'.

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