Monday, December 12, 2016

Menu Plan Monday -12 December 2016

Had a wonderful Gaudete (Joy) Sunday at church this week.  The Sunday School kids did their pageant this week.  Ella was a great narrator.  Nice and clear!  I tried to get some pictures, but my darn Ventolin has me shaking too much to take pictures with my phone.
Baking is high on my ‘to do’ list this week.  I’ve got  batch of speculatius cookies made and a batch of sugar cookie dough in the freezer waiting.  I think I’ll get started on some shortbread today, they taste better if they get a chance to ‘age’.
You’ll probably note that there is no leftover chicken in this week’s menu.  That’s because I forgot to get the chicken out in time.  Instead I cooked up the ham that was languishing in the freezer.  I had to do it over two days (since I would be away a lot of Sunday) and the smell of cooking smoked ham was driving Colin crazy.  I think he literally said ‘mmm’ with every forkful.
grilled cheese
leftover ham and scalloped potatoes
tomato soup
hamburger casserole (new crock pot recipe)
oatmeal pancakes
leftover ham
chicken vegetable soup
leftover casserole
wieners & beans
bacon & eggs
French fries
More great ideas at I’m an Organizing Junkie.
Today is the anniversary of losing Isobel.  Hard to believe she’s been gone 4 years now.  Miss you Mom.

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