Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Yarn Along -3 August 2016

I think I forgot to show you guys Ella's completed baby blanket.  Ella asked me to make it a bit longer and it kind of got hidden by other projects.  I've got it finished now.

I'm working on my new scarf but forgot to take a picture this week.  Maybe next time.

Look what I found in the garden:

One of my favourite David Austen roses that have managed to survive winters up here.  I had to cut the stem really short because there are 3 other buds coming along.

And look what Daddy found in the barn...

Miniature kittens!!!  I noticed that Momma had had kittens about 8 weeks ago but we hadn't been able to find them.  There seems to be 2 little boys and a little girl.

This is Momma.  She's about the size of a 8 month old kitten herself.  I can't believe she had babies.  Can you imagine how small the kittens were when they were born?

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