Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Yarn Along -23 March 2016

It's officially spring so of course we got a couple of centimeters of snow last night and are waiting for a bigger storm on Thursday.

Went to Toronto so of course for Yarn Along I've got yarn and knitting to share.

Since I was being someone from 1918 for Comic-Con, I did my knitting the old-fashioned way -one at a time on a set of double-pointed needles.  These are for Grandma for Christmas.  The cable didn't real show up as much as I hoped. 

Of course I stopped at Soper Creek Yarn to see what Tina had in store.  I picked up some stripy sock yarn for me (I love Jawoll because they include the heel reinforcing thread).  Some dish cloth yarn that was on sale.  And look what I found in the sale basket!  Ella loves this yarn so it's socks for her too.  I think they would look amazing if she wore them next time we're at Laser Quest.

Did you notice the pile of cookbooks?  Well, that's only 1 of the 2 piles of books I was sent home with this weekend.  My best friend's husband is cleaning out his mom and dad's house.  Basically any wall in the house was covered with shelves of books stacked 2-3 deep!  I got one box of cookbooks and one full of history books.  Most of the history books are too old for Ella right now, but will be great in a couple of years.  They did have some nice pictures of Henry VIII and his wives and kids so we looked at those.

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