Friday, March 25, 2016

Catching Up

For starters, here's my outfit all finished and on a real person and not the hanger.  It was crazy sunny.  I'm not happy with the skirt.  The material is too soft (like a gaberdine), but it was all that our Fabricland had the day I was there.  The blouse is too big and the sleeves too long.  To be honest, I knew about the sleeve issue but thought it would just make them more puffy.  It didn't, it made the cuffs slide down my hands all day.   I can actually take off the blouse without unbuttoning it, so I need to fix that too.  I may actually make short sleeves, I'll get more wear out of it that way.  It was so warm in Scarborough last weekend.  I didn't wear a coat the entire time (keep that in mind for the end of the post).

Look what Uncle Stefan did!  He shaved his beard and his head so he could be King Pin to go with Ella's Black Cat!!  

And who was the first person we saw?  Black Cat!  She loved it when Ella told her she was 'Black Cat as a tween'.

Ghostbuster's car, unfortunately we missed meeting 'Winston'.  We did get to meet Karen Allen at the meet & greet section.  She may have been 'Marion' in "Raiders of the Lost Ark" but I wasn't forking out $40 for a signature.

Lots of Star Wars folks wandering around.  Including R2D2 and his entourage of Storm Troupers.

Uncle Stefan was such a hit.  So many people stopped him to take pictures.  Even the Green Arrow needed one.

Ella found a really friendly Thor.

We even found a Spiderman (Black Cat's on again-off again boyfriend).

I couldn't get a good picture of this guy, but boy did he ever look like Obi Wan Kenobi (Sir Alex Guinness).

Great time at Comic-Con but we're ready to head home.  Definitely a smart idea to go in the morning.  The crowd got really big after lunch and it was getting overwhelming for Ella.

I love this picture of Ella.

Sunday morning we hit the Science Centre.  Again, morning is the best time to go.  Seems Toronto people don't 'do' mornings.  I think this is Ella's favourite exhibit.  Every time we go to the Science Centre she has to play in the interactive koi pond.

The main reason we went was to see the Mammoth exhibit.  Wow, look how big that thing is!!  Uncle Stefan isn't a short guy and he's dwarfed by it.

Wouldn't want to run into this guy either!

This time Ella had the perfect hair for the static ball.  She also answered most of the 'scientist's' questions too.

And of course, it wouldn't be a trip to Scarborough without a stop in to visit with Great Grandma.

Oh yeah, remember all that nice weather last weekend?

It rained ice balls all day long on Thursday.  They really piled up outside the door (just the way the roofs meet).  Daisy was less than pleased.

It was like picking up a handful of sugar.  Really, really, cold sugar

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