Monday, November 9, 2015

Menu Plan Monday -9 November 2015


Colin's off to an early start this morning.  Ella was still in her pj's when we drove down to the field to pick up Daddy so he could bring down the wagons.  Working on corn today.
Feeling much better.  I think the cold is nearly gone.  Still coughing a bit but not as bad as usual.

Ella had a great time at the birthday party for one of her new friends.  We met them at the homeschool skating in Arnprior.  It really IS worth the drive to Arnprior.  They are so friendly and welcoming there.

Grandma is down in Bowmanville this week.  She's 'babysitting' Great-Grandma so Uncle Dennis can go hunting without worrying.  We'll miss her.  Wednesday is busy, off to Renfrew for the Remembrance day parade with the Guides.  I think there's only going to be me and one other leader!!  Hopefully the Brownies and Sparks behave  :)  
So, what's up on the menu this week:

sandwiches -in the field with Daddy
breaded pork chops (I'll post the recipe if I can get a nice picture)
Dutch potato pancakes and sausages
tacos (didn't eat last week)
Wednesday:  Remembrance Day
leftover pork chops
wieners and beans
leftover tacos
oatmeal pancakes
sticky chicken
leftover goulash

More great ideas at I'm an Organizing Junkie!

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elizabeth said...

hope your cold is fully better now!!!!