Friday, June 26, 2015

Farm Girl Friday -26 June 2015

Farm Girl Friday this week shows what can happen when the Farmer isn't chained to the farm with livestock (my apologies to those with dial-up, there are lots of pictures).

The Farmer gets to take advantage of a generous invite to Niagara Falls (instead of just seeing the pictures).  Please ignore the dates on the pictures, apparently I have to re-set the date on the camera when I charge the battery.  This is Ella at the Niagara Butterfly Conservatory, well technically we are in the gardens.  This is a redwood tree and Ella was certain it was the Fairy Palace.

This is the inside of the above butterfly:

They really liked landing in Auntie Belinda's hands.

A newly hatched one hitching a ride on Ella.

Lunch time.

And then the main attraction...

Ella had so much fun.  Being tall she was allowed on all the rides.  And since we had Daddy along, she had someone to go with her on the more crazy ones Momma won't do.  Funny note, the picture on Daddy's shirt was from the last time Auntie B and Uncle Stefan took us girls to GWL.

We have discovered that when the Farm Girl is in a lot of pain (labour, etc) or terrified she doesn't make any noise!

Using her wand to solve the magic quests.  Much better this time because she could read the clues herself and solve most of the riddles.

Story time in the main lobby before heading to bed.  We left before the dance party started.
It's a long drive from Niagara Falls to home, so we booked a night at the Holiday Inn in Bowmanville.  They had a pool so we could do a bit more swimming and just relaxing.  They even had a hot tub.  The Farmer and the Farm Girl really liked that!

And since we were in Bowmanville, we dropped in for a surprise visit with Great Grandma.
Thanks again for a fabulous 'weekend' Auntie Belinda and Uncle Stefan!!!

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