Friday, June 19, 2015

Farm Girl Friday -19 June 2015


As promised, here's what the Farmer has been up to for Farm Girl Friday.

Testing out the plan.

Child labour.

Ta Da!  A screen house so I can stop buying tents that never make it through the season.  Now we have somewhere nice to hang out, catch a breeze, hide from the sun, and escape the mosquitoes.

I know, the door isn't screened.  Our local hardware store sold Colin only 30 ft instead of the 50 he ordered (and was charged).  And of course, when he went back they were out.  It arrived today and hopefully he'll get it finished tomorrow.

Yep, it works!

A well-deserved rest in the "Shade Shack".

And of course, in typical 'farmer fashion', this was the blueprint:

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Diann said...

Oh, how nice! Enjoy!!