Friday, May 22, 2015

Farm Girl Friday -22 May 2015


Just a bit of randomness of Farm Girl Friday this week.  The Farmer is still cropping.  Moving on to the soy beans.

The dog-toothed violets are out.  These are often found with the trillium.  I think that's likely how these ones came to live at my house.  Over the years my MIL has tried to transplant some trillium.  The survive for a while but never last, it's just not wet enough here.  Before you get all 'you shouldn't dig trillium' you should know that they are just about weeds around here.  The sides of the roads are almost white with the trillium.  Every year for their anniversary (it would have been 50 years on May 15th) Dad always brought Mom a big bouquet of trillium.  These came from the pond area on the farm and didn't even make a dent in the field of trillium.

My garden is filled with purple violets.  These came from my grandma's house.  I'm not sure if she got them from her mom's or not, but it's likely.  These violets have moved to every place I have ever lived.  I love how they take over.  Mom's backyard this year was basically purple!

The freckled violets are doing well this year.  They are starting to spread too.  I love using violets for ground cover, though I do have to rip them back from the rosebushes sometimes.

These white violets just appeared in the garden a couple of years ago.  I love the little purple lines.

That wretched vetch taking over every where.

One of my garden buddies.  This is Sweetie.  She's finally decided she loves being pet, though she doesn't purr.  She jumps up on the laundry table and walks along the edge of the laundry basket reaching for my arm.

Trying to branch out and try some new style dresses.  I know the blouse is wrong, but it's the only one I had handy.

Whipped up a new apron.  Can never have to many.  This is my favourite style.  It's from Sense and Sensibility, the Edwardian apron.  They have a cute girl's pattern too.

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