Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Yarn Along -14 January 2015

Almost forgot to do a Yarn Along post today.  Spent the morning at the clinic with the respiratory technician (why won't they send me to a real doctor??).  She's still claiming my numbers don't change from when I'm in an asthma flare to when I'm fine.  Funny how every SPECIALIST I've ever seen has been able to figure out that I have asthma, but up here they can't??  Any way...  I'm hopped up on Ventolin (from the test) and it not only makes me shake but it makes my mind a bit fuzzy.
Eastern Ontario is in the deep freeze yesterday and today.  It's a brisk -24C (-11F) with the windchill.  Needless to say, warm knitting is on my mind these days.
Togara socks for my friend Julie.  Julie has really sensitive skin and can't tolerate sythetics, so I made these with good old Paton's Classic wool.  But Julie knows how to care for real wool and I'm not worried.
Working on a second pair of warm knee socks for me.  Just using up some scraps of Berrocco Vintage.  I really like having the ties in the tops of the socks.
Over Christmas Ella decided that Grandma's smallest snowman needed a hat to keep him warm.
So I whipped him up a little hat with some of Ella's afghan yarn.  Now he's all ready for the winter.

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