Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Yarn Along -15 October 2014

I don't know if it's the over cast skies and rain, but MAN is Ella in one heck of a grouchy mood!  School was like pulling hens teeth -including math.  She usually ASKS to do math.  Sure hope the protein kicks in soon, Brown Owl won't want to deal with cranky Ella.

Finished up all the little Advent decorations.  I made a couple changes and I need some beads to finish them but all the fiddly knitting is done.  There is a Christmas light bulbgingerbread manChristmas cracker,  a heartangelbasketSanta hatbellsstarornamentwreathChristmas pudding, and icicle.

The little snowflake is a swap I made for the Advent garland, much nicer than the one in the original pattern.  Also a couple 'full' size snowflakes.   They need to be starched still.  

I've been working on Ella's sweater too.  It always amazes me how fast raglan sweaters knit up.  This isn't a good representation of the yarn colour.  Maybe I'll try outside next week (if it's not raining).

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