Thursday, September 11, 2014

Throw Back Thursday -11 September 2014

Just a quick Throw Back Thursday post this week.  Lots to share but no time right now.

I love this old picture.  It's my great auntie Ella, she's about 8.  My grandpa Burt Rees is in the middle and my great aunt Belinda on the right.  This picture would be about 1904 because Belinda died in 1905 at 6 from bronchitis.  My Mom didn't know any of this when she named my sister Belinda (she just liked the name in the baby book).  And she didn't find any of this out until Belinda's christening day.  It turns out that Belinda is actually a very popular name in the Rees family tree.

Do you see the face Auntie Ella is giving the camera?  Well I can't tell you how often we see that face on our own Ella when she's frustrated/getting angry.  I think Ella is very much like Auntie and how pleased Auntie Ella would be with her namesake.

This is my great grandma Jessie Skeffington Rees, Auntie Ella, May Brown Richards (auntie's cousin) and Grandpa.  This one is likely 1905-6.  It's taken on the front steps of their home in Bonavista.  This was great grandma's hometown and she moved the children back here after great grandpa Rees died in 1901 (they were living in Channel, Nfld).

I'm very proud of my Newfoundland ancestors.  We've lived in Newfoundland (Bonavista, Lance Cove and Bird Island Cove) since at least the 1700's.  Guess that makes me about as Canadian as it gets.

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