Friday, May 9, 2014

Farm Girl Friday -9 May 2014


Some more signs of spring for Farm Girl Friday.

Our neighbours had some extra ever-bearing strawberry plants.  Ella and Daddy got them in  the raised beds and protected from the goofy cats who like to dig.

Rhubarb is finally starting to poke its head out of the ground.  The weeds seem to be getting ahead of the plants this year -not good.

Getting the corn planter ready.  Depending on how much rain we get tomorrow (hopefully none) Colin hopes to start planting Saturday.  He'll start with the wheat (which is usually done by now) but wants the corn planter ready.

Ever wonder what tens of thousands of dollars looks like?  It looks like this and the 2 other large 'piles' sitting around our yard.  This is all the seeds and fertilizer we need.  Can you imagine if office workers had to 'pay' thousands of dollars just for the privilege of going to work, and then hope to at least break even at the end of the year?  Yeah, me neither.  

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