Friday, May 23, 2014

Farm Girl Friday -23 May 2014


Farm Girl Friday and what's going on here at the Farm?  Not much!  Still getting too much rain.  Unlike some parts of the country (and the States) we've been lucky and don't have giant ponds or flooding in our fields.  But we can't work in then either.  We've been getting 'just enough' rain that we can't take any of the equipment out without making a mess/destroying soil/getting stuck.  The non-rainy days aren't warm enough or windy enough to dry up the ground.  I think food will be getting expensive next year.

About 2 weeks ago Colin found an afternoon where he could do a bit of planting.

Can you see those little rows of green coming up?  That's the wheat.  Colin has nearly all the wheat in now, but that only counts for about 20% of our crops.  Time is really starting to tick to get the corn and soy beans in the ground.  The corn needs a long season because it is grain corn and can't be harvested until it has dried.  Soy beans are really time sensitive because they develop with hours of sun.  Once we get to a point in the fall where the hours of sun goes down too much, the plants stop developing -whether the beans are ready or not.

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