Monday, March 17, 2014

Menu Plan Monday -17 March 2014

Menu Plan Monday finds us back in the deep freeze again.  It was -23 C (-9F) this morning when Colin went out to get the eggs.  We actually lost about half a dozen to freezing today. It really needs to start getting at least seasonal soon because Ella needs some fresh air and exercise.  When it's this cold I just don't have the heart to force her outside.
Back to school for us.  Everyone is healthy, we're home from holidays, and the school kids are done March Break.  Hard to get back in the rhythm after all that time off or half time.  Nothing special this week.  Just skating and Brownies.  I'm not sure what is going to happen about Ella's Highland.  Last week she was in tears telling her teacher how much she hates dancing!  I thought maybe she was getting sick because Ella was really pale, and will often be in an 'odd' mood when she's not feeling well.  But she's fine and is adamant that she doesn't want to dance.  It's so weird because she loves dancing and is so beautiful.  Ella's one of those annoying dancers that get better each week even when they don't practice!  What do I do?  Force her to go (hard because she is so stubborn) or let it go until classes start back up in the fall?  I wish skating wasn't so expensive, we could give that a try.
Monday -St. Patrick's Day
leftover pie
KFC style chicken (a recipe from Facebook)
leftover roast pork
spaghetti & meatballs
leftover chicken
leftover quiche
meat roll -new recipe
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