Monday, January 13, 2014

Menu Plan Monday -13 January 2014

Menu Plan Monday again, wow, I don't know where last week went.  At least I can say the tree and other decorations are down.  And the house has been returned to normal.  Changed a bit in the living room to hopefully give Ella a bit more play space without her taking over the entire floor and driving Daddy crazy.  Some days this house needs to be just a bit bigger.  One 10x14 ft room for everyone to be doing everything just isn't enough.

I didn't make the last few crock pot meals last week.  We had a bit of an egg backlog (and I forgot to get meat out of the freezer in time).  So we had some egg dishes for suppers instead.  I did make the saucy pork chops yesterday.  We had Dad and Lorraine over for supper.  The chops were delicious, I just wish they hadn't fallen apart when I took them out of the crockpot.

French toast
pizza (might make as panzerotti)
egg and potato pie
chicken paprikash (new book)
leftover pie
leftover pizza
French onion tomato soup (mac & cheese for the others)
leftover chicken
tuna sandwich
cheese burgers -in the crock pot if you can believe it!
leftover burgers
roast chicken

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