Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Yarn Along -27 November 2013

Yarn Along
Yarn Along this week, I have a couple of projects to share (and even a book).
Here's the finished shawl.  Camera is acting up and I was on my own, so not the best picture.
Here's the back.  I decided I didn't like the look of the lace.  So I worked a few more rows of garter, then just did a crochet loop to finish.  I will block it lightly, but it will look good even if Pamela doesn't.  It's so soft and squishy.
I took this with us on the weekend and got lots of knitting done.  Nothing better than sitting in a cozy cabin, by the wood stove, snuggled with my sweetie, the snow falling and knitting.  I'm well into the decreasing on the other sleeve.
I treated myself to a book a while ago.  This isn't a 'pattern book' per se, but you could certainly make some beautiful sweaters for the information in this book.  I love the picture on the front!  It speaks to me, Dad's family were fishermen for centuries in Newfoundland.

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