Friday, November 29, 2013

Farm Girl Friday- 29 November 2013

Farm Girl Friday
The Farm Girly and I were busy earlier this week.  I missed Stir-Up Sunday because the Farmer and I escaped away for the weekend.  So we did our baking on Tuesday.  Ella is such a great help this year.
Ella did ALL the chopping for the fruitcake and the Christmas pudding.  She also did most of the mixing for the fruitcake.  The snow was calling by the time we were mixing the pudding, so I finished that.  I never say no when she wants to go outside, well, almost never.
Grandma is happy.  She loves my fruitcake.  It's better than most, it's actually has cake in it.  I find a lot of 'fruitcake' is mostly fruit.  It's my Great Grandma's recipe and it wouldn't be Christmas without it.

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