Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Yarn Along -16 October 2013

Yarn Along
Some more Christmas knitting for Yarn Along this week.  I'm nearly done all the Christmas knitting that is getting finished before Christmas.  Some people want large projects and will be unwrapping balls of yarn  :)

yarn along 16 oct (1000x750)

Some 'manly' ribbed fingerless gloves for the BIL to go with his hunting toque.  Our house is getting so cold some days.  The outside temperature has been so up and down lately.  It's hard to know when to put on the grain stove.  I may have to make myself a pair of fingerless gloves.  My hands got so cold last night I almost had to stop knitting -almost.

yarn along 16 oct 2 (1000x750)

I'm working on a scarf/shawl for Colin's stepmother for Christmas.  It is a beautiful merino/cashmere from Knit Picks.  It is knitting up so soft and squishy in the garter stitch.  The colour is called Harbor.  It's so hard picking a project for someone you don't really know.  Ella picked the colour.  I'm making this pattern so that it doesn't need to be blocked to be beautiful.  Loraine will need to hand wash the scarf, but that's all.

We were a little busy over the weekend, so we're still reading Thanksgiving books.  Today we are going to enjoy A Pioneer Thanksgiving: A Story of Harvest Celebrations in 1841.  What's really nice is this book is actually about the Canadian Thanksgiving.

I've just been thinking.  The girls are heading to Toronto this weekend, I need to find/start some travel knitting!

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