Monday, October 14, 2013

Menu Plan Monday -14 October 2013

We had such a fabulous Thanksgiving yesterday.  Colin's new family were really nice.  Ella is just over the moon with Sadie and Sydney.  Even thought they are 'big girls' like our niece Brittany, they took Ella under their wing and made her feel like a big girl too.  They went tearing around the property on the golf cart and let Ella drive.  Ella was such a happy girl.  We grown-ups had a good time too.  Lorraine's family is very friendly.  And of course there was lots of delicious food.  I did something new with the turkey and it turned out great.



garden vegetable soup
leftover meatballs

leftover quiche
slow cooker pork cacciatore

French onion soup and mac & cheese for the picky people

Saturday:  Bowmanville -Daddy's on his own for food

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