Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Yarn Along -28 August 2013

Yarn Along
Made another item for the Advent swap this year.  I may have to order one for myself because it’s so cute.  I ordered the sock blocker key chain from Knit Picks and then knitted a sock with some of the My First Regia.
Yarn along swap (1000x750)
How cute would that be hanging from your purse zipper pull?
Even though I don’t have to panic knit kilt hose for Ella this year, I couldn’t keep myself from doing a little online research.  And guess what I have found??  SEAMLESS ARGYLE!  That’s right, argyle socks worked in the round, without intarsia!!  And it was so easy!
argyle easy (1000x750)
Guess who’s likely going to be making some argyle socks in the near future  :)

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