Friday, August 9, 2013

Farm Girl Friday -9 August 2013

Farm Girl Friday
A few scenes from the Farm.
farm girl -9 Aug garden (1000x750)
Early morning sun.
farm girl -9 Aug garlic (1000x750)
The start of the garlic harvest.  Hurray, fresh garlic.
farm girl -9 Aug (1000x750)
For the first time in 10 years my hydrangea flowered.  It must have heard that I was going to rip it out.  My garden doesn't have room for flowers that won't bloom.
Daisy 2 (1000x750)
Hard to believe Daisy is 2 months old already.
Great Grandma (1000x750)
Ella and Great Grandma.  No idea where the blue eyes come from -right  :)
Great Grandma and Grandma (1000x750)
Wow, look at this!!!  Grandma and Great Grandma are both SMILING in a picture!

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