Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Yarn Along -24 July 2013

Yarn Along
For Yarn Along this week I have some finished Christmas presents and a test crochet project to share.
yarn along 24 July (750x1000)
Sister-in-law and niece are into hunting.  Colin suggested making them hats and mitts for hunting.  I found some nice 'blaze orange' wool at Knit Picks.  Of course I wasn't going to knit plain hats, so I pulled out my favourite toque pattern.
test skirt (1000x750)
There is a group on Ravelry for designers to get their new patterns test knitted/crocheted.  This is a pineapple skirt for American Girl dolls.  It's going in the pile of doll clothes that I'm making for Ella for Christmas.  Just a FYI, if you have the choice of buying Aunt Lydia's crochet cotton or South Maid buy the Aunt Lydia's.  Boy, does the Aunt Lydia's cotton ever crochet up nicely.  It actually feels like garment material.  I find the South Maid feels too much like a doily for clothes.
I had forgotten how much I enjoy crocheting and especially the pineapple pattern.  Maybe I should make myself some lace.
It was so hot and sweaty last week and I felt so miserable, that I didn't get much knitting done on my Sweet Dreams shawl.
Not much reading is going on.  Just too hot and sticky for snuggling too much.

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