Friday, March 8, 2013

An Ella First

Ella's dance class takes place in a cute little old school house in Renfrew.  Her teacher insists on wooden floors for her girls (less chance of injury).  The old school house is now a Christian school (k-8) and Miss Pamela is actually one of the teachers there.  If I were to send Ella to school it certainly seems like one I would choose (if we were rich enough too of course).  
The school seems very 'Waldorf-ish' and Ella always finds lots of interesting things to look at while we wait.  Miss Pamela knows just how to handle Ella too.
So what did Ella find to do for the first time?
Climbing up a ladder!  She's done little ones on her slide.  But this was the first time on a big ladder that she actually had to climb back down again.  She thought the loft with the library was the best thing ever.

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