Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Yarn Along - 23 January 2013

Wow, it is so cold in Ontario right now.  It was -34C this morning and now it's a balmy -25C.  It's actually WARMER in the pork freezers today.  Poor Colin, it's so hard working in this cold weather.

Just a few things to share today.  My SIL has her birthday at the end of the month and asked for some coffee cup cozies.  How could I refuse?
owl cozyNot sure why it was so hard to get a clear picture, it's not like the cup was moving  :)  This one has 3 owls and I think it's really cute.

But of course, one cozy isn't enough so I made one for her take-out coffee.
take out
And I couldn't stop at just these ones, so I made up a pattern.  The cables make x's and o's which we all know are also Hugs and Kisses.  I'll post the pattern later.
hugs and kisses
The pattern would show a little clearer in a plain yarn, but Ella really liked this yarn.
We are enjoying Tumtum and Nutmeg before bed and are looking forward to getting back to our Burgess animal book on Monday.

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