Wednesday, December 26, 2012

St. Stephen's Day/Boxing Day Yarn Along Version


I doubt there's a Yarn Along today, but I thought I'd start with that anyway.  I haven't any real knitting to share today, a sock here and there maybe.  I've had a cold since last week and didn't even feel like knitting.  But I wanted to share what will become a Yarn Along post some day.  Look what my lovely Mommy got me for Christmas:
Yarn Along -26 December 2012
FIVE beautiful balls of Knit Picks' Preciosa!!  It's really hard to get a proper picture.  It's much more 'purply' in person.  The colour is called 'petal' and it is soooo soft and squishy.  It's 100% merino.  Don't get me wrong, I love my local yarn shops, but Knit Picks have such beautiful yarn (at good prices too).  I've never been disappointed.   I'm not reading anything right now, but look what Ella got from Grandma -we'll be reading for a while.
Christmas santa
Our day got off to a great start.  Santa brought Ella the pillow pet she's wanted for years.  A crazy rainbow unicorn  :)
Christmas Olivia
Someone got spoiled this year.  Auntie Belinda and Uncle Stefan got Ella an Android Tablet.  Her Explorer is dying and for the cost of replacing it, apparently, they got a Tablet.  You should see her using this thing!  She's an expert already.  Ella's best gift was from Momma and Daddy.  We got her her American Girl doll.  Ella was almost in tears opening the package.  She was so happy.  The doll is now named Olivia and much loved.
Christmas kite 2
This is the kite Daddy got Daddy Ella.  You can't even see Daddy holding it!  Of course we had to take it out yesterday morning.
Christmas kite
Colin's Dad could see it from his house.  And a raven came over and checked it out too.
Christmas pots
Momma got well spoiled too.  We got a great new camera from Belinda and Stefan (Nikon touch screen).  Ella and Grandma got me a great new set of pots and pans.  And Colin got me a pasta maker (that I've wanted for years) and a beautiful necklace.  
Christmas helmet
Colin's gifts were mostly useful but he liked them.  Here he's reading the instructions while wearing his solar powered welding helmet.  He's also got on his new winter barn coat.  He was very happy to get that since it has a zipper that actually zips.  

Santa also gave us a new mail box.  Daddy has wisely decided to wait until spring to put it up.  That way the snow plow can destroy the old box instead  :)
Christmas sleeping
Daddy and Uncle Stefan all Christmassed-out!

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