Friday, December 7, 2012

Farm Girl Friday -7 December 2012

Farm Girl Friday
For Farm Girl Friday I thought I'd share what we have been doing to celebrate Advent.
Every night we read a chapter from The Jesse Tree and the Advent Storybook.
And we also read a story book too.

Sunday we got out our Advent wreath and tree and set up Ella's nature table for Christmas.
Dec 1
We read The Very Fairy Princess: A Fairy Merry Christmas.  Some days I find the nicest little books at No Frills. And yes, the book is by that Julie Andrews.

Monday was a very special day.  Ella's elf friend Merry arrived!
I know there have been some rants out there about Elves visiting and how it's not going to make children behave.  Well this isn't why Merry comes to visit.  See that happy smile?  What you don't see is the jumping up and down and happy shouting when she spotted Merry for the first time.  It's just fun to have a mischievous elf around the house.  And you know what, 'remember Merry's watching' does help rein in the sillies.

Ella also set up her Christmas stable.  As usual, Ella supplemented with her other LP animals.  She has so much fun with her stable set.  She's going to wear out the battery playing the song though  :)
December 4th Daddy surprised us by getting the Christmas lights put up outside.  We also put our Christmas candle in the window.  I found my other German pyramid and got them lit too.
Ella was a little pokey getting ready for bed, so we just read the reading for today not the extra story book.
December 5 we hung up our door wreaths and our bunny angel made an appearance too.
door angel
We really enjoyed A Gift from Saint Nicholas, which we found at the library.  I was hoping for more of a biography, but this is a beautiful book with a good story.  Ella really liked it.  The illustrations remind me of Jan Brett.

December 6 we celebrated St. Nicholas day by baking St. Nick shaped speculatius (Kris Kringle) cookies with the cool cookie cutter I received the other day.  Ella really enjoyed our new book, The Legend of the Christmas Stocking.

Today Ella went skating and then for a sleep over at Grandma's (it's Knit Night for Momma).  Not sure what they will read tonight, but Grandma has quite the collection of books.

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