Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Yarn Along -28 November 2012

Last Yarn Along before December -yikes!  Like Ginny I'm doing a bit of Advent reading, finalizing ideas for this year.
Finished the sweater.  I'm sure it will look better on a slimmer model.  I'm sure the recipient will love it.  It is so cozy you just want to snuggle up.
Remember the shawl I made in February?  And then it got ripped back and tried to make it bigger?  And then it got frogged and made into most of a shawl? And then it got started on the current pattern?  And then I had to rip out the border because of the way I was using 2 yarns and joining?  Well, I gave up on the lace border pattern.  It was just taking too long and taking too much concentration.  So I designed one using my Orenburg lace book and now I'm nearly half finished the border.

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