Thursday, November 8, 2012

Crafty Homeschool

Ella's been a busy little bee the last little while.  So we thought we'd share a couple of the projects she's been working on.
We've been learning about animals and birds and the things they need to live.  So we decided to make some bird feeders.   One for our house and one for Grandma's.  I splurged on some chocolate milk -all for the sake of learning of course  :)  Ella got out the paints and decorated the cartons.
I cut a 'door' in the side and made the holes for Ella to slide in a stick for a perch.
Apparently this took a lot of concentration.  Notice the tongue??   I got some bird seeds on grocery day.  Now we just need to find a place to hang it, one that we can see from the house but isn't easy for the cats to bother.  We want this to feed the birds not become a lunch counter for the cats.
Last year Santa gave Ella a sewing kit.  I must admit we haven't really done anything out of it yet.  She always seemed to ask at the worst time possible.  The other day Ella was determined to make a start.  She wanted to make the stuffed cat.  The kit is great, it comes in a cute little suitcase.  All the felt pieces are pre-cut for all the projects.  My only complaint is that the embroidery thread is complete crap.  I ended up tossing it all and getting out my DMC threads for Ella to choose from.
She was totally focused and determined to have it finished that night.  Ella did a great job (Momma helped a little to meet the time frame).
And here's the very proud new cat owner!

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