Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Yarn Along -29 August 2012

Wow, first Yarn Along post since the first of August!  Since I've been sick and laying around resting for most of the month you would think I would have a whole pile of knitting to share today.  But I guess that just shows how sick I have been!  I have almost nothing to share this week.
Sorry for the blurry picture, can't seem to hold the camera still enough today.  You may notice my shawl is at the same place as last time.  I had to rip out the edging and start over -I hate when that happens.  I'm re-reading Keeping a Nature Journal.  School starts soon and I need encouragement (I also need the energy to actually get dressed).  I do have a couple finished things to share.
Karen's friend gave me this pattern and here is the snow Momma.  I made her yesterday.
Here's the almost finished Daddy and big Sister.  These are such quick knits.  Sometimes it's fun to do a project you can finish in an afternoon.  I'll post the whole family when they are done.  Grandma is going to love this addition to her snowman collection.

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