Friday, August 3, 2012

Farm Girl Friday -3 August 2012

For Farm Girl Friday I thought I'd share some farm happiness.  I'm tired of worrying about the drought, the crops and the animals.
Yesterday Colin and I took a walk out into the soybean field behind the house.
Here's a happy farmer out standing in his field  :)  The soybeans continue to look good this year.  The sad thing to mention is that these soybeans are taller than a lot of our grain corn (which should be taller than Colin by a couple feet).
Colin thought a picture with me in it would look more impressive.  They come up higher on my 5 ft frame compared to his 6 ft one.  Quick look around and there are lots of 4 bean pods -very good news.
What does a couple hundred dollar repair look like?
This if we had missed it.  Luckily on our walk Colin noticed this old plow point had worked it's way to the surface and was just waiting to puncture a tire or break something even more expensive.

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