Friday, July 20, 2012

Farm Girl Friday -20 July 2012

What are we sharing for Farm Girl Friday this week?  
Our garlic harvest for 2012!!  This is one of the wagon loads of garlic that Colin harvested this week.  Usually he needs to use a shovel/fork, but this year most of them pulled right out of the ground.
 I may have mentioned before that we take the scapes/flower heads off the garlic as soon as they appear.  We sell these at Market as they have a lovely mild garlic flavour.  But this is the real reason:
On the right are a couple garlic that missed having their scapes cut.  There is basically no garlic head.  The garlic on the left is how they should look.
This is one of our beautiful large heads of Music garlic.  There are at least 12 cloves, though our larger heads often have a second inside row of cloves.  The wood shed is now full of garlic curing for our customers.

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