Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Yarn Along -20 June 2012

Not much reading going on this week.  Not too much of anything.  We are in the first official heat wave of the summer.  So far this morning we are at 25C and 74% relative humidity -ugh!  I have a feeling today will be spent in the pool.
Working on a Christmas present for this week's Yarn Along.  These are out of my new knitting book Folk Socks.  They are called Welsh Country Socks.  With a maiden name of Rees, how could I turn this pattern down?  You may have noticed, I'm using much thicker yarn than called for.  I only make men's sized socks from worsted sized yarn  :)  I always kid and say I don't love them enough to use fine sock yarn (worsted is 20 st, sock is 30st ).  
Yesterday's heat really took it's tole on Miss Ella.   She didn't want to eat supper (though she did eat the ice cream sandwich) and actually fell asleep on my lap!  Ella was in bed by 7:15 (usually it's closer to 8) and I think she was asleep before I got down the stairs.  When we went to bed, she hadn't moved a bit.  She seems to be feeling better this morning, but I'll be keeping an eye on her.

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